MURRAY SPACE SHOE has been making naturally fitting custom made molded footwear for many years. If you would like to know more about their unique shoes, boots, hiking boots, golf shoes and sandals click on or call MURRAY SPACE SHOE at 530-796-3333 for a free brochure.

This natural and comfortable image is brought to you by Murray Space Shoe to stress that they make naturally comfortable hiking boots and other shoes and footwear. Think of relaxing, serenity, and yes, beauty. Wearing Murray Space Shoes are like a vacation in nature for your feet.

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Our most popular shoe styles which include: Plain style, Allegro style, Moccasin style, Leilani style, Basic style, Diana style, BASIC Ventilated style, Carol style, HUMBOLD Low style, Space Kinetic Shoe -- Murrays Space Shoe style, Jet Boot style, Humboldt Boot High style.
For further information on shoe styles or any other questions, call 530-796-3333 or visit